About Us

Hello there and welcome!

My name is Kam and I am the Managing Director of beniourainrugs.com.au. I am a third generation rug dealer, born in Iran but raised in the West. I have spent years travelling with my father in search of beautiful floor art, rugs. I cherish the time we spent together, silently reviewing the patterns and colours, gently running our hands through the woollen pile, with a warm glass of black tea never far away.

Having breathed the dust of the bazaars from a young age, rugs have formed part of my very existence. This is an excuse for me to travel the world, retrace the steps I took with my father, drink tea share stories with the people of the bazaar and enjoy the beauty of these rugs.

I encourage you to ask your questions of me. I uphold the virtues of honesty, integrity and decency – qualities the men and women of the bazaar live by.

I hope you enjoy the beauty, as I have for so many year.